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Will Horseback Riding End?

A huge potential victim of NAIS is the simple joy of owning and riding horses.  Under NAIS , you will be forced to report to the federal government every time you or a family member takes a horse off your premises, even for a ride down the down.  One report when the horse leaves, another when it returns.  There are no exceptions!  The reports must be made whether you go for a ride, to a show, a parade or to veterinarian.

Own Cattle, Chickens, Goats, Alpacas?

Every animal must be chipped, unless you are one the really BIG producers.  Since they helped write these rules, they naturally have exemptions for themselves.  If you are a small to medium sized farmer or rancher, whether you have one animal or a thousand, each and every animal must be implanted with a chip.  Every time an animal is bought, sold, is born or hatched, dies,and every time the animal leaves the confines of your property, even through a broken fence, it must be reported. Do you want to spend your days doing your chores or reporting your animals' movements to the government?

Have Dogs and Cats and Think This Won't Affect You?

Think again.  The legislation that will force these trackable chips into your animals' bodies is presently before Congress. You might be able to hide your dogs and cats, but if this legislation is passed and you choose not to give up your Constitutional rights by complying, you not be able to take your animals out of your homes, even to see your vet without risking being turned in.  Sound like Nazi Germany?
Having animal control and shelters does not mean your pet will be found. This is not enough for people today. When their beloved "Fluffy" is lost, they want to be able to find them immediately. This need created a market for new devices to track and locate pets.

These devices come in a variety of ways :

• The labrador training tag: attached to your pet's collar with information engraved. EG. your pet's name, phone number and address.

• A serial number is tattooed on the pet's skin. The number is entered into a database used by veterinarians or animal control. Not yet widely adopted or implemented.

• Microchips created for implanting under the skin. Shelters could scan the chip and find out about the dog. Many different manufacturers for the chip led to several standards.So there must be more than one scanner to read the chip.

• Mobile locators that will beep to locate your pet .

• GPS locators: the new techie way to track your pet. Technology designed for the military has made its way into our personal lives. It led to many new electronic devices . GPS uses satellites in space to locate and track devices on the ground and is accurate today in everything from kid and pet locators, cell phones, and our automobiles. You can track your pet's location through your computer.

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